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What People Are Saying About Dr Martin Consulting

Helping Leaders Maximize
Their Personal And Professional Potential For
* Optimum Performance And Results * 

Dr. M. Martin Jr. Personal Growth and Education Consulting Services, LLC is a coaching, consulting, and leadership training firm here to provide tools and resources to executive and educational leaders to help them maximize their potential personally and professionally while enhancing their performance and overall productivity. 

“...your overall well-being matters, because you are more than your bottom line!”  Dr. Milton Martin Jr., Ph.D. - Founder & CEO

Dr. Martin's Here To Serve YOU!

As CEO and Founder of Dr. M. Martin Jr. Personal Growth and Educational Consulting Services, LLC, Dr. Martin serves as

the lead consultant providing coaching and training for executives and leaders on how to develop and maintain

a personal growth mindset as reflective practitioners,

who are self-aware, so that they can manage stress better, mitigate job-related strain, set smarter goals, and manage

the events of time, in order to have a better work-life

balance while enhancing their performance and

overall productivity!

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We're Available To Serve You


Leadership Support and Training

Quality Leadership Matters! Let Dr. Martin help you individually and/or your leadership team enhance their intrapersonal skills and improve their work-life balance for optimum performance and productivity!

Fill out Request Form TODAY!

Mastering Your Internal Dialogue - Self-talk As A Strategy For

Managing Stress and Mitigating Strain Workshop

All leaders face various stressors throughout the course of their work and personal lives. Managing those stressors can be challenging. 

In this 3 part course (3 one-hour group sessions), Dr. Martin will help you understand and utilize self-talk to manage stressors and mitigate strain effectively to improve performance, increase productivity, and enjoy a better work-life balance.

"Really enjoyed this presentation and the exercises. I recognized that I often practice negative self-talk and learning to SHIFT was a great ah-ha moment for me!"

(B.H.S. Dept. Member of Tulare County Office of Education)

Also included in this course (for no additional cost) is a 1-hour follow-up strategy session with Dr. Martin (A $300 Value! The session must be booked within 14 days after the 3rd group session). Contact us for details about upcoming workshop dates and locations.


Transformational Coaching - One-on-One

Every leader needs a good mentor, coach, confidant to build them up and hold them accountable to living up to their full potential. Whether it's to listen and problem solve and/or strategize to accomplish a meaningful task/goal, a coach is an invaluable asset that every leader needs to have.

As a certified transformational coach, certified instructional peer coach with knowledge and know how in helping individuals maximize their potential, Dr. Martin is the ideal coach for YOU! 

Your Transformational Coaching Session includes a one hour 1-to-1 sessions with Dr. Martin (via phone/video conference)!

Book your session TODAY!

The Executive's Ear - Listening Service

Leadership can be lonely sometimes. You spend time listening to and helping others problem solve, vent, troubleshoot, and the like. It can be quite draining sometimes. Who do you get to go to and talk to when you want to be heard? Well, look no further!  

"The Executive's Ear" is a Listening Service provided by Dr. M. Martin Jr. Personal Growth and Education Consulting Services, LLC, to give hardworking leaders like you a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. "The Executive's Ear" is not a counseling or therapy service (although it is confidential), it is a resource for leaders to be heard by trained and very skilled reflective-empathic listeners, because "Sometimes you just need to be heard." Book your call with a skilled listener TODAY!

Managing The Events Of Time - Time Management Workshop

In this 4 part group workshop (4 one-hour sessions) Dr. Martin will help you reflect and identify your most important values and roles, while prioritizing significant tasks related to those roles, for optimum impact on your most meaningful tasks and significant personal and professional relationships. Contact us for details about upcoming workshop dates and locations.

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Dr. Martin is a dedicated, hard-working, compassionate leader, coach, and mentor who serves with integrity and passion. He understands the challenges that come with being a leader who cares and empathizes with his clients as they are on their personal and professional success journeys. And he’s available to serve you! 


* Positive Attitudes Will Succeed! *

YOU CAN! & YOU WILL! - Dr. Martin

Book your FREE 30-Minute Strategy Call with Dr. Martin TODAY!


Receive weekly INSIGHT and INSPIRATION that will bring about TRANSFORMATION! * 

for you to grow as a leader personally and professionally! Positive Attitudes Will Succeed! You Can & You Will!

Thanks For Joining!

Dr. Milton Martin Jr., Ph.D.


His Journey...

Growing up in the inner city of Southeast San Diego, with the influences of gangs and drugs around, young Martin

found refuge at school. He was fortunate to have

teachers and leaders who encouraged him that he

could do and be anything he wanted to be if he

worked hard and made good choices.

And good choices he did make! 

Proud Mama...

He had a love for teaching and learning at a young age and went on to pursue a degree in liberal studies and became

a teacher. This made his Mother very proud to see the youngest of her ten children be the first to complete

a college degree! He went on to receive a Master's

degree in Education Administration and served as a Mentor Teacher, received his certification as a Peer Coach/Staff Developer, served as Vice Principal, and a Principal!

He later returned to school and earned a Doctorate

degree in Psychology with an emphasis in performance! 

He defied the odds and is showing the world that anything

is possible when you have the right mindset,

determination, and heart!

Equipped To Serve...

For more than 25 years Dr. Martin has spent his life working to educate and inspire others to maximize their potential,

by encouraging them that they are greater than their challenging circumstances or situations and equipping 

them with information and resources to empower

them to pursue and achieve excellence! His mantra is,

“Positive Attitudes Will Succeed! I Can! I Will!”

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